About Us

Please allow us to introduce our company TWG Companies was founded in 2008 as Tri Window Guys, LLC.
In 2015, the company became “TWG Companies” and is trademarked as the “Trusted. Workmans. Group.”.
TWG Companies is an American multinational company that specializes in developing, investing, delivering and integrating its proprietary products and services, which include technology, steel, plastic, recycling, energy(solar, oil, gas), construction and logistics to businesses of all sizes.TWG Companies is called upon continuously by Fortune 500 Companies and is currently headquartered at One Gateway Center, Newark NJ.At this time over 85 professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers and business development enthusiasts call TWG Companies home and contribute to it’s more than 20 company projects. Founded in 2009 after producing over $2.5 million in gross sales for two local home improvement companies.We are a private company with no investors and the team has been together for over 10 years.With over 20 years of Business Development, Management, Logistics and Customer Satisfaction experience. Our team of entrepreneurs have crafted a way for providing only the best service possible for our customers, families and friends. Our belief is that every entrepreneur, business owner, company and professional deserves the opportunity to follow their dreams.Our ability to adapt, create, execute and deliver without compromise is our strength and sets us apart from other organizations.We believe that helping you is more important than revenue. If you have questions, need direction or just want to run something past us.

Please do!
Let us show you first why TWG Companies can help you and your idea without contracts, deposits, lawyers etc…